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The Adult Indigent Program

Funds are provided for adult who are unable to sustain themselves financially, are in need of medical funding, funds for higher education or skilled trade.

Employable Indigent adults are also offered the opportunity for employment at Dele group of companies or with other employment facilities through active networking.

The Orphanage/Indigent Children’s Program

There are 23 children in this program, ranging in ages from 3 – 18 years old. These children live all year round at Ayodele Ogunride’s estate on Funbi Fagun road, Ondo, Nigeria under the complete care from funds from the Foundation.

They are attended by a full time nanny and caretakers and live as close to normal a family life as possible without parents present. There are several of the children with siblings among them which helps to foster some sort of stability. Those of school age are enrolled full time at Dele International College and Dele International Nursery and primary school; schools owned by the founder also located in the estate.

These children are taken very good care of and every effort is made to enable them to blend and interact with other children who attend the school as private students.

The orphanage tries to address the emotional needs of these children whenever possible while providing mentoring in their various developmental stages. We hope to be able to provide a foster environment for them until they have fulfilled their educational desires and are able to be self – sustaining adults.

  • (There are some circumstances where some of the older children live with their family members because some cares are needed in that family).
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