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Ayofunke Ogunrinde Foundation – a Non – Governmental, Non – profit making Organization was set up in 2002 to cater principally for the welfare of the poorest of the poor in the society such as, the indigent orphans, widows, the physically challenged, the aged, the abandoned, the sick and the homeless.

This Foundation is a follow up to our long desired dream of helping the less fortunate in the society which we started some 36 years ago. By then, our concern was to award scholarships to the indigent students from all levels of education and most especially at the Tertiary Institutions.

After carrying out this program successfully with over 1,000 beneficiaries, we were then encouraged to direct our attention to other pressing needs of these group of people who are in dire need of help from the society which in most cases are not forth coming.

In 2002, we inaugurated Ayofunke Ogunrinde Foundation for the welfare of the people as earlier mentioned above.

We started in a moderate form by organizing a group of poverty stricken people of various disabilities, afflictions, diseases, aged and abandoned as well as the deprived and abandoned widows to be collecting some monthly stipends for their upkeep. We started this program with less that 30 people but the number has increased to more than double and now costs over $42,922(forty-two thousand, nine hundred and twenty-two dollars ) monthly.

Later, we organized ‘widow’s forum’ where more than 150 widows were present. We addressed them and took down details of their plight, their burdens and their needs.

Since then and up to date, we have carried out programs and projects as listed hereunder:

(a) Empowering some widows with cash to set up small businesses for their upkeep instead of giving monthly stipends.

(b) Giving out monthly stipends to over 65 physically handicapped and the sick who cannot do any work to support themselves.

(c) Providing full sponsorships and scholarships to orphans, physically challenged and children of the physically challenged parents and other indigent pupils/students from Primary to Tertiary Institutions – Right now, we have about fifty of them on our current program.

(d) Providing medical treatments to the indigent sick people including major surgeries at the University Teaching Hospitals across the country.

(e) Giving medical support and counseling to HIV / AIDS victims, diabetes and Hypertensive patients.

(f) Supporting child care delivery e.g. We took care of the abandoned triplets, others and their mothers for survival.

(g) Empowering some physically challenged adults who learnt one trade or the other but have no means of buying the equipments and tools to practice their trade and provided workshop/warehouse for them.

(h) Giving special attention to cancer related patients and handled some cases within the last 4 years – in terms of medical treatments and other supports.

(i) We have established a school for the physically challenged children on a temporary site and have designed a $400,000 ( Four hundred thousand dollars ) building complex that will provide permanent school environment, accommodation and other special facilities not only to the physically challenged but also to other poor and needy people e.g., orphans, aged, abandoned and homeless of all ages and gender with provision of accommodation in the complex.

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