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Our Mission

Enabling people to become independent productive citizens of Nigeria and hopefully create a ripple effect of help and sustenance to end the vicious cycle of poverty that assail many in the society. The different facets of this foundation addresses the needs of orphans, indigent students, the poor and infirmed members of the society who need financial and other moral assistance.

We have adopted a holistic approach to assisting the poor one individual and one family at a time. Where possible, all orphaned children of the same parents have been adopted and kept together as a family. Poor and infirmed family members of students awarded scholarships have received medical assistance.

Others are given employment or if unable to work, receive a monthly stipend. This is so that the family as a unit can sustain itself and break out of the poverty mold. We also empower indigent widows, physically challenged Artisans, Tradesmen, Technicians and others to be self employed.

In addition to the above, we seek to promote social welfare for all by protecting the rights of children and widows, defend social justice for all in our society, as well as provide healthcare for those in dire need.

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