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A Short Address By Chief Dele Ogunrinde During 2011 Christmas Party


All protocols observed. As always, we that the Almighty God for giving us yet another year of opportunity to be alive and to be of services to him and to humanity. If we should recall all that has happened this year alone, you will see that we have more than enough reasons to be thankful, to be joyful and to celebrate. God has always been on our side in every situation. May his name be praised forever, amen.

We also want to thank God specially for these nine years of our continuous services to humanity through the divine power and benevolence of God. He has always been providing for our needs. He has never forsaken us and he will never leave us, amen.

The aim of funding the Foundation is allow God to use us to help the poor, the needy, the orphans, the widows, the old and the invalid. The sick, the abandoned and the physically challenged in all ramifications. The Foundation which started in the year 2002 was launched at the palace of Osemawe of Ondo by Oba Festus Ibidapo Adesanoye – the late Osemawe of Ondo Kingdom. It was started with a small group of the physically challenged and others as listed above – by giving them monthly stipends and empowered some widows with some amount of money However, as years progressed, more and more people continue to know more of the activities of the Foundation and many have applied for assistance in various forms. So many of the applicants have been considered and accepted for help through the instrumentality of the members of Board of management headed by Chief Mrs. Funke Iluyemi and other very committed and dedicated members. As of today, we have 63 people receiving monthly stipends ranging between N5,000 and N10,000 and many others [particularly widows and the disabled] who have been empowered by providing cash for them to start small businesses of theirs for sustenance, others have received aids for medical treatments both at the local or at the advanced medical institutions such as the Teaching Hospitals etc. either for major surgery or for special medical care.

To the glory of God, the number of recipients has been increasing in leaps and bounds.

The Foundation also awards scholarships to orphans and the children of the poor from Nursery & Primary, secondary school and tertiary institutions. Presently, we have 25 pupils in the Nursery & Primary, 17 students in the tertiary institutions. To the glory of God in the past 30 years before the advent of the Foundation, we have awarded over 1000 scholarships to the indigent youth throughout the country.


In 2007, a new dimension was added by establishing Ayofunke Ogunrinde School for the physically challenged in Ondo here – for the Educational and social development of the physically challenged children and other youths.

Presently, we have about 16 students and they are all given full scholarships for their education. They are temporarily accommodated within this campus but a modern developing site with an initial, estimated cost of sixty million naira [N60m] is being embarked upon for their classrooms, workshops and hostel.


Financing theses programs has not been easy but God has been of tremendous assistance. With God, all things are possible. Because of the economic crunch, individual donors have not been forthcoming as may be expected but we thank God for some of our friends who are donating their widow’s mite both in cash and in kind. Special heartfelt thanks go to the members of board of Trustee and management who have rendered very committed and dedicated services to make the program successful so far. This year alone, we wish to mention a few of friends who donated some cash to assist the Foundation – such as Mr. Olu Daramola who openly identified himself as a beneficiary of Dele Ogunrinde Foundation in the past and who is now very successful [a SAN] and identifying himself with the programs henceforth with an initial donation of N200,000 and an annual donation of a very substantial amount. We are grateful to him and to his family. We also thank the following for their generosity – Dr. Akinyosoye, Chief Fred Akintunde, Mrs. Joke Akindojutimi, Pastor Omotayo, Mrs. Victoria Olaniyi, Chief S. B. Fasan, Chief Ben Oke, Pa. Fadayomi, Mr. Bola Adeyeye and a host of others. May God bless you all.

We equally appreciate and are grateful to the Federal Government of Nigeria for recognizing and appreciating our little efforts to help humanity in our little way No matter how small, it is highly appreciated and valued. We hope they will continue to encourage us in future. Although we may not be begging, we are appealing to Nigerians to donate to this worthy cause because there are many helpless, needy people around us to cater for. The less privileged people have not been in their conditions by their wish, but by destiny. Let us be our brother’s keepers. We live today, tomorrow we are gone! Let us try our best to make the world better than we met it. May God continue to help us and meet us at the point of our needs, amen.

Next year [2012] will be the Foundation’s 10th anniversary. By God’s grace and providence, we will live to witness it and celebrate it. We hope to see you then. Thanks and God bless you.


Chief Dele Ogunrinde.

A Speech Delivered During Christmas Party In 2010





We thank the Almighty God who made it possible to be here again this year to celebrate with ourselves and with these precious children of God who are also with us in this celebration of the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. We give all honour, glory and adoration to Him who has been, who is and who is forever.

We cannot but thank God for their lives because to us, they may look as unfortunate physically challenged but to God they are very precious and special. Unknown to most of us is that these our brothers, sisters and children are God’s images in a way. In another aspect, they represent different things for God’s purposes and wishes in terms of spiritual growth. After their sojourn on earth, some of them will metamorphose into different spiritual beings like angels etc. to serve God in higher capacity. These positions are what some of us would aspire to be but it would demand we work harder – by living spiritually well (that is without sins). As they are now, they represent various interests of God on earth. We must therefore look after them because a time may come hereafter when we may need them at a higher service – just like that rich man needed Lazarus after they were both dead – (Lk. 16:22-24). We should not neglect them, we should not ignore them; we should not mock or molest them. Rather we should treat them first as humans – God’s creatures like us and give them the respect they deserve. We should remember also, the teaching of Christ when He told us in the Bible that whatever we do to these little ones (our brethren) you do it to me.

As a brief information, the ayofunke Ogunrinde Foundation (Reg. No. CAC/IT/NO 24403) from its inception in 2002 has been carrying out the following:

  1. Paying stipends of between N3,000 – N5,000 to the totally disabled 65 people monthly.
  2. Empowering indigent widows and physically challenged people to meet up with their daily needs.
  3. Encouraging physically challenged to undergo trade apprentices and empower them.
  4. Sponsoring and scholarships made available for the orphans and children of the physically challenged parents.
  5. Providing facilities for the quality of life, including medical facilities for the aged and the abandoned (including Aids victims) up to the highest level of medical institutions available.
  6. Operating a functional school for the physically challenged up to the level of their ability.
  7. Sponsorship and scholarships up to the Tertiary Institutions for the very brilliant but indigent physically challenged and the poor.
  8. The above projects together with other unspecified ones cost the Foundation an average of Ten million naira (N10,000,000.00) per annum.
  9. presently, the Foundation is proposing the building of Sixty million naira

(N 60,000,000.00) Rehabilitation Complex for the orphans, the physically challenged, the abandoned and the old people with provisions for quarters for the Rehabilitation Staff.

10   Any assistance from individuals, Local or Foreign organizations, Government

Agencies etc. which will be appreciated and acknowledged can be sent to   Ayofunke Ogunrinde Foundation account. Account No. 2331770011826, Skye Bank, Festac Branch, Lagos.

May God continue to give us the grace to do our best to our brothers and sisters who may need our help amen. And may He meet all of us at our point of need amen. I wish all of us – most especially our precious brethren Happy Christmas and prosperous New Year in advance amen.


As I always appeal to our people and Governments at Local, State and National levels, they should help keep in mind the welfare of the disabled, the destitute, the orphans, the indigent widows, the neglected and abandoned aged and sick. If the various governments can make 0.005% of the National Budget every year available to this class of Nigerians, it will make a difference in the quality of their lives and make the country a more meaningful and respected Nation who cares for her distressed and down trodden poorest of the poor in the society. I strongly wish that a definite policy on this issue is made at the annual budgets – starting from 2011 budget of our present President Goodluck Jonathan, the State Governors and Local government Chairmen throughout the country. It should not only be made election campaign strategy but a concrete reality of their election promises.

Corporate bodies and wealthy Nigerians can also come to the aid of these less privileged Nigerians by directing part of their financial resources towards this noble course instead of spending these resources on frivolous and sinful things such as on women of easy virtue, wine and other worthless desires that may lead one to hell fire. We have the choice either to spend our resources on good cause for heaven or on worthless cause for hell. May God continue to lead us right, amen. This life is very short. Time flies. Time waits for nobody. Even if some of us consider ourselves to be still young, we should also remember that death comes to both young and old. It comes likes a thief in the night. So, let us act as if today is the last day we have to live. Do not leave till tomorrow what you can do today because tomorrow may not come afterall. So let’s act on this every day.

We should also always remember that we are only entitled to a 3´ x 6´ coffin and 5´ x 8´ grave when we die. We shall take nothing away because we came to this world with nothing. May God continue to show us His light and direct our lives for and to His glory, amen.

I wish to seize this opportunity to specially and publicly thank the Federal Government of Nigeria for not only recognizing and approving Ayofunke Ogunrinde School for the Physically Challenged, Ondo (An offshoot of Ayofunke Ogunrinde Foundation) established in Ondo in 2007 as the only Private School of such in the State, they have also supported us through UBEC in a way to grow and to realize our lofty dreams. I also wish to acknowledge and appreciate the Ondo State Governor – His Excellency, Dr. Olusegen Mimiko for the practical way he assisted the disabled and other handicapped people in the state recently. This has come as an answer to my prayers to the leaders of this country to think of this class of people and assist them to have quality of life. Other state Governors should emulate Governor Mimiko in this noble gesture. I cannot but show my gratitude and deep appreciation to the members of the management and Board of Trustee of Ayofunke Ogunrinde Foundation under the Chairmanship of our loving and committed mother – Chief (Mrs.) Iluyemi for their total commitment and dedication to the growth of the Foundation since its inception.

At this point, I also wish to remember with happy memory and gratitude to our Late Kabiyesi – Oba Festus Ibidapo Adesanoye the Late Osemawe of Ondo Kingdom for his encouragemet to us by inaugurating the Foundation in his Palace in 2002. May his beautiful soul rest in peace amen.


Finally, I want to thank the individual donors who have contributed in one way or the other to the growth of the Foundation.


May God bless them all amen.


Thanks and stay blessed.




Speech By His Highness Johnson Eniola Akinlosotu 2009


Somebody visited me at my residence last week and saw on my writing desk, the letter Chief Dele Ogunrinde wrote to me inviting me to be the Chairman of this August gathering – the annual Christmas Party etc. of Ayofunke Ogunrinde Foundation.
The friend was of the opinion that my speech as Chairman would be simple and short – that Chief Dele Ogunrinde is a rich man, that he is clever and brilliant, that he is popular, an international man, that he gives largesse to poor students to prove that he is rich…..
At this stage, I could take no more of his ranting, so I shouted, “stop”, “stop”. He stopped
Seeing that he needed to be educated on this matter, I asked him if he has read about the encounter the rich young ruler had with our Lord Jesus Christ in Luke 18: 18 – 30. There, a rich young ruler came to Jesus and asked him “Good master, what must I do to inherit eternal life?” Jesus told him to obey the commandments, – Do not kill, do not commit adultery, do not steal, honor your father and mother etc. the rich young replied, “All these I have kept from my”. Then Jesus told him, “You still lack one thing”.
“Sell everything you have and give the money to the poor and you will have treasures in heaven. Then come, follow me”. When the rich young ruler heard this, he was very sad because he was rich. After the young ruler has left, Jesus gave a warning; hardly can the rich enter into the kingdom of God. For it is easier for a camel to go through a needle’s eye than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.
Let us pause here and ask ourselves if we understand the lessons to be learnt from the attitude of this rich young man vis-à-vis the reaction of our Lord Jesus Christ.
First Lesson – The rich young ruler loved his wealth more than he loves God. That is why Jesus condemned such wealth by likening them to a camel passing through a needles eye.
Secondly – Jesus Christ is not against people having wealth, he is only against people who make their wealth their god. Jesus is referring here to people who worship money as one worships an idol.
Thirdly – The apostle wondered who then can be saved if a rich young man who obeyed the law can not be saved. Jesus answer was “The things that are impossible with men are possible with God.
Fourthly– Then peter raised a query: We have left all and followed you [What shall be our reward is the question? Peter is asking indirectly] Jesus answer was eternal “ There is no man that has left his house, or parents, or brethren or wife or children for the kingdom of God sake who shall not receive manifold more in this present time, and in the world to come life everlasting”.
Now, let us look at the comparables. Many rich men are notorious for ruthlessly striving to acquire more wealth. Not so with Chief Dele Ogunrinde. He is content with what he has. If at all he wants to acquire more wealth, he uses transparently honest means. Chief Ogunrinde uses his wealth to help the poor, the less privileged in the society. He is storing treasures in heaven. Unlike many rich people in our society, he is not arrogant, he is not garrulous. He is not proud but humble in mien. Above all he is God – fearing in his ways. He believes in living for others. To him, a life not lived for others is a life that is wasted. Chief Dele Ogunrinde is a man driven by big love to serve others – especially the indigent, the old, the widows in the society. But what kind of love are we talking about? Are there not four kinds of love- is it Eros love that is, sexual love between a man and a woman? No! Is it filial love that is, love of daughter or son to their parents? No! Is it storges love that is, the love between families? No! Is it agape love that is, the love that one gives out without asking for something in returns? Yes! Agape love is the kind of love in the heart of God. This is helping hundreds of people without asking for something back. Halleluyah!
Compare this with what happened in the olden days when sons must serve their fathers for may be 30 years before they are granted “independence” and released from servitude. Chief Ogunrinde is simply giving money away, he is not asking for servitude. The irony is that he does not even know the beneficiaries he is helping financially if he comes across any of the hundreds he helps annually, he can’t recognize them. And when the recipient finishes their courses, he is not asking them to come and serve him, even for a day, to reciprocate his love. There is no servitude of any sort. Agape love! That is the first part of what we are celebrating here today.
By his exemplary Agape – type of love, Chief Ogunrinde is throwing a challenge to hundreds of other rich people in our society today – come and establish Foundations for the poor and the needy. Last year, a widow reportedly burst into tears when she was given cash of N20, 000 by a philanthropist to start a small retail business. Her husband died one and half years ago leaving her four children to care for, feed, clothe and educate. She immediately withdrew three of the children from school to help her hawk pepper and tomatoes. With the N20, 000 however, she started a small buka. Now with prudence, all the three children are back to school. The challenge here is that many of us would spend more than N20, 000 if we take two friends to a Chinese restaurant. Next to the Chinese restaurant is a Pentecostal Church where two or three prospective beneficiaries would be heard singing sonorously such song as
Oluwa dide o, Oluwa dide [2times]
Oluwa ran mi lowo
Aiye nreti eleya mi o
Oluwa dide.
The Oluwa they are invoking is God, and you. If you can lift only one person up, do it. By doing so, you would have stored up for yourself treasures in heaven where moths and thieves cannot enter.
For the beneficiaries, today is a day of great joy, a day in which their respective dreams for betterment of their lives come true. We congratulate you all and pray that you will make a judicious use of the financial opportunity offered you. Remember many are called but few are chosen, and you are the lucky few. By this time next year, may God give you new songs to sing, new successes to jubilate about.
I thank you all for listening.
Now we can sing “ Mo yayede mo de…..”

Wecoming Address By Chief Dele Ogunrinde During The End Of The Year 2009


Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord, we are thanking God once again who brought us to this period of another advent when we are waiting for the coming of the Saviour of the world – that is, our Lord Jesus Christ. May His coming continue to bring us joy, hope and blessing to the everlasting life amen.

I seize this opportunity to rejoice with everyone of you particularly with our loving brothers and sisters among us. This is the time set aside for all of us to come together to rejoice and be happy together as the same children of God irrespective of whatever we may consider as our position in life.

One thing is certain, we come from the same father and to who we will all return one day to reunite with Him and with ourselves. Hence, it is better when we are here on earth to start that unity and togetherness from here. And also, since Christmas time is the time our Lord was born into the world, it is equally befitting and proper to unit ourselves with Him and be happy with Him physically and spiritually at this time, hence we should sing choruses and hallelujah to Him together now. So, let us all be happy and thank the Lord for many of His benefits to us not only during this dying year but throughout our lives. He has been kind to us and He has been providing for us and protecting our lives. May His name be blessed forever amen.

We should therefore be looking forward and prepare ourselves to seeing this wonderful father both now and at the end of our journey from this world and to be with Him forever. So let us dance, drink and be happy for His coming now and no matter what our condition may be, we pray that we will continue to be happy for the rest of our lives amen.

I want to seize this opportunity once again as I always do that the various Governments from the Local to the Federal, should formulate urgent policies to make adequate provisions for the welfare of the less – privileged people in the society. Nigeria is more than rich to cater for these set of people in all ramification in the society. The blind, the cripple, the lepers, the indigent orphans and widows, the helpless old people and other forms of physically challenged people should be the sole responsibility of the Government of this country. Even if the Government cannot look after other able-bodied people, they should see it as their statutory responsibility to alleviate the sufferings of these people. The money that is being wasted and corruptly going into private pockets will be more than sufficient to look after these people. There must be a change of heart for the policy makers to think seriously on how to put the plight of these people into consideration. They should not be left alone to their fate. Other countries of the world with less resources than Nigeria make adequate provisions for their physically challenged citizens and they ensure that they are safe, sound and happy in the society in which they are born or where they live.

It is time Nigerian Government takes up this social responsibility without further delay. Like many other issues, it should not be politicized. If nothing else, let us use the case of these people as one of the areas of Re-branding Nigeria to the outside world. May God touch the minds of our leaders to take up this matter with seriousness.


As part of our Annual Programme, some of our trained beneficiaries have been empowered with one small business or the other – for self sustenance.

Today, one of such beneficiaries – Miss Nike Olapade was trained in Computer Science and other related Business Education. We are now setting her up in a Business Centre which will contain photocopy machine, computer, printer and in future a small generator in case of public power failure.

She is being presented today, with a photocopy machine to start with, in the Business Centre we opened for her near Adeyemi College of Education, Ondo. Other items will follow soon. For easy movement, a wheel chair has previously bought for her.

We wish that the public patronize her, so that she can succeed. We wish her good luck.

Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for being with us and may God bless all of you.

An Address By Chief Dele Ogunrinde During The Year 2007 Christmas Get Together


The Chairman,
The Rev. Gentlemen,
Other Religious Dignitaries here present,
The High Chiefs,
The Opojis,
The Chiefs,
The Olojas,
The Bales etc,
The Beneficiaries,
The Gentlemen of the Press,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

My dear brothers and sisters here present, we are here again today as we do at this time annually.

Firstly, we look back and take stock of the year that is ending and seize the opportunity to thank God and glorify Him for His mercies over us for the past months and years. So much had happened but we survived it through God’s grace and protection. May His name be praised for evermore amen.

Secondly, we all know this is the period of advent when we are expecting the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ – the Saviour of the world. His birth demonstrates to us so many things not only to ponder upon but to emulate and appreciate so as to be able to live a fulfilled life. His life is full of love and humility.

First and foremost, Christ has chosen to be born by an obscure but innocent mother – Mary and a poor ordinary Carpenter as His foster father. In other words, He was born materially by poor parents. Secondly, He chose to be born at the most unthinkable, the lowest place – at the manger where sheep and goats are reared – a place that is not dirty but smelling and stinking. At that time, there were many beautiful places in the cities full of gardens as well as many specialist hospitals where He could be born. But there, He was born not only as ordinary man like you and me but the Saviour of the world, the greatest and the highest person ever born as a man and lived like us. God had shown us here that it is not by where we were born, how we were born ad by whom we were born that matter but who we are before God. It also shows that being born poor or rich; we are all equal before God. After all, a person born poor has all the same features such as the head, the eyes, the legs, the body etc, like anybody born by a rich person – regardless of any deformity in some of them.

Another lesson we learn this period is love of God to humanity. God has decided to send His only begotten son to the world in the same form as we are, not only as saviour of the world but to show us that like Christ as a man, He showed love, compassion, kindness, pity, concern, co-operation, anxiety, goodness etc. which we can practise and emulate for our own growth in life. We all remember His concern for the poor, the widows, the orphans, the blind, the cripples, the aged, His love for the children in particular.

We also remember His unconditional love for humanity that He gave His life for the atonement of our sins. These are the examples He gave to us as the son of God in the person of a man to emulate and practise for our own growth and for the betterment of the world.

Christ showed us that there had been people who were poor in the world and that as long as human beings will never born equal, poor people will always exist in this world until the end of time – be it in the developed or undeveloped world. This is why God has shown us how to look after these people, to show them love, to care for them and to make them realize that being poor or being rich, we are all children of the world and that we all came to this world with nothing and we will leave it without anything. When we die, the man who was poor when he was on earth may become a saint in heaven while the rich man on earth may go to hell when he dies. It may even be the prayers of the Saint in Heaven who was poor on earth that may save the soul of the rich man from Hell.

It is in realization of this unconditional love of Christ that we decided that every year, instead of our normal or usual Family Christmas, we decided to celebrate it with our less privileged brothers and sisters and you good people to glorify God. This started since 2002 when we established our new NGO (AYOFUNKE OGUNRINDE FOUNDATION FOR THE POOREST OF THE POOR).

This NGO came into being after so many years (since 1974) when we embarked on scholarship awards to most indigent but brilliant students in Secondary and Tertiary Institutions. We began the Scholarship Programme in 1974 with just 5 students but we extended the programme to the Local and National levels and by 1996, we realized that over one thousand (1,000) beneficiaries had benefited from the programme – mostly at the Tertiary level. We realized that many people who were so rich but did not know that such things could be realized followed the trend and this gave us tremendous joy that we had been able to sensitize our people to the realization of the need to help the poor and the need within the community and beyond.

By 2002, so many scholarship awards had been inaugurated for the indigent, brilliant and needy students. As of today, there are more than 6 scholarship awarding bodies in Ondo here alone. At this point, we then decided to look at the other areas of need of the society and decided to set up an all-embracing NGO to cater not only for the needy student but to help the aged, the widows, the orphans, the sick, the abandoned and the physically challenged in addition to the scholarship awards.

Since the inauguration of this NGO in 20002 by Late Kabiyesi Oba Festus Ibidapo Adesanoye of blessed memory, we have every cause to thank God who has planted the idea in us and made it to germinate into fruition.

To the glory of God, since the establishment of this NGO, every year we empower not less than 16 people – most especially, widows and physically challenged by giving them money to start small business of their own so as to cater for themselves and their families. The amount given to each person ranges between N10,000.00 and N50,000.00. Also, the following are also attended to every year:

(i) Between N2,000 to N5,000 each are paid monthly as stipends to over 50 beneficiaries who are either physically impaired that they cannot work or they are sick and fragile to be empowered. Others are abandoned old men and women.
(ii) We assist and sponsor medical treatments including major surgical operations to an average of about 5 people annually with an average cost of N200,000.00 each.
(iii) We award annual full scholarships to an average of 30 beneficiaries – orphans and children of the physically challenged people from Primary to Tertiary Institutions.
(iv) We give financial assistance and counseling to HIV/AIDS victims and promoting HIV/AIDS awareness in schools and in other institutions that require mass education on awareness of the scourge most especially among the youths.
(v) We promote and sponsor programme to create awareness for the prevention of the terminal diseases such as hypertension, diabetes and heart problems in the community.
(vi) Very soon, we hope to embark on sponsoring programmes that will ensure stable marriages particularly among bachelors, spinsters and the newly married couples as well as campaigning against child abuse to enhance a better society.

In all these and to the glory of God, we spend an average of four million five hundred thousand naira (N4,500,000.00) every year to prosecute our programmes. Since we started, God has always been providing and He will continue to do so to glorify Him forever. Greater part of this amount comes from our investments. We also solicit for funds from friends and God-spirited people who care for the poor. May God bless those who have contributed in the past and those who will continue to assist us in future amen.

In order to meet the increasing number of people who need our assistance in various forms and make the Foundation to out-live us, we have increased the investment for the Foundation to Thirty million naira (N30,000,000.00). This is apart from the support our children have promised us to keep the Foundation going forever – like the Ford or Rockefeller Foundation of America. The good people of this country and outside, both individual and corporate bodies can also contribute from time-to-time to the purse of the Foundation to pursue its programmes for God through humanity. All contributions no matter how small or big will be acknowledge with thanks accordingly.

We have seen the blessing of God since we started this NGO because of the tremendous progress and successes so far achieved and the awareness the programme is creating for others to emulate us to assist the society and to grow in charity, love and care. It is in conformity with our faith to love one another and be our brothers’ keepers.

I wish to announce to my brothers and sisters here present that it is good and highly rewarding to give to the poor and needy. From my own personal experience, the rewards here on earth are uncountable, let alone the heavenly rewards. It gives us a sense of self-fulfilment, satisfaction, happiness and unqualified joy. Another goodness in giving is that a giver never lacks. To give is to receive. This is certain and factual.

I advise us here present that we should not say that we are not yet rich to give. It is not the amount or the value of what we give that matters, it is the spirit in it. A gift in cash or kind is valuable. Anything we give that will be useful to the receiver is valuable no matter how small, little or insignificant it is to you – as long as it is useful to the receiver, it is good.

We can save for anything we want to give by denying ourselves certain things. For example, if we are travelers and we want to lodge in a hotel, instead of lodging in a Five-Star Hotel for a night which will cost us say Fifty thousand naira (N50,000,00), we can lodge where we can pay Ten thousand naira (N10,000.00) per night. We have already saved Forty thousand naira (N40,000.00) per night. Think of what Forty thousand naira (N40,000.00) will do in the life of a poor man. OR at a lower level, if we are to lodge in a Hotel for Five thousand naira (N5,000.00) per night, we can manage with a trusted friend for the night or lodge in a Hotel of Two thousand naira (N2,000.00) per night. The Three thousand naira (N3,000.00) or Five thousand naira (N5,000.00) will go a long way to help the needy.

Also, if we normally drink say twelve (12) bottles of beer in a month, we can reduce it to six (6) bottles. We can save the cost of six (6) bottles to give those who cannot even get fifty naira (N50.00) to buy groundnut and garri to eat “a meal”.

In the same vein, if we are blessed to have 3 square meals in a day, we can have 2 meals and allow one meal to those that have no meal at all.

If we have 6 pairs of shoes or excess clothes which we may not even wear once in a year, release some of them to the barefooted and naked to use to the glory of God. When we do these things, we should remember that we came to this world with nothing and we will leave it without anything except and if we are lucky we will go with a 3` x 6` coffin to cover our nakedness in the grave.

It may be interesting to know that being charitable or caring for others does not guaranty that one may not have tribulation or problems in life. God Himself does not promise us so. God said that we will have our crosses but that He will give us His grace to carry these crosses and that He will not give us the cross that we will not be able to carry. It may also interest you that the cross I have in respect of my wife who has been sick for nearly 12 years now has been a source of inspiration to start this NGO for so many reasons.

Funke Florence, my dear wife, has been a God-given wife who started life with me when we had nothing. We struggled so much to achieve success in life as we both came from very poor families. She was so devoted, caring, hard working, very faithfully, co-operative and very loving. She devoted most part of her life to cater for our immediate and our extended families and friend without looking back or counting the costs. Like most African settings, when the going is good, people will surround you but when it turns sour, you are abandoned to your fate. When my wife was sick most family members and friends thought that every good thing was over and therefore abandoned us despite the huge and substantial assistance given to them when the going was good.

When we look at such situation and assessed it critically, we then concluded that supposing God had abandoned us as people thought all was finished with us, then my wife today would have continued to suffer. This then enabled us to see how some people are just abandoned because they see that such victims no longer count or no more useful to the society and therefore should be abandoned and suffer to death. This thought spurred us to action to set up this NGO to cater for such sufferers, the poor, the abandoned and the neglected. Like our Lord Jesus Christ said, “if all these can happen to the leave that is green, what will then happen to the dry leave”. If these situations have been made to happen to us, what then do we expect to happen to those who have nothing or to the poorest in the society? Just think and imagine it. They will just be left to die like the rain-beaten wretched chickens.

From the above, you can see the spirit of God at work. Initially, people saw the sickness of my wife as a cross resulting possibly from what people might call sin or satanic induced. However, we see it as the divine work of God because like what happened to job, God gave His approval for it to happen to glorify God. See what happened to Jesus Christ – the only son of God Himself, God sacrificed Him on the cross so that the world can be saved. Through His death, we cannot say Jesus Christ sinned hence He was punished for His sins. If my wife’s situation was brought about by her sins, may God forgive her and if it is caused by the satanic forces, may God touch the hearts of those who are responsible for it. All I know, that I can say and confirm as the husband to Funke for over forty years is that she is a good woman in a million. That is why I am committed to staying with her in this situation to keep our vow, “until death do us part”.

God has used what happened to my wife today to make us start a project that has touched many lives and will continue to do so for eternity.

She has inspired us by urging us to look after the needy more than she was doing before her sickness. She has not for once been sad or depressed by her conditions. Her spirit has always been high. She has developed tremendous strength in weakness and her physical disability has now been turned to ability to the glory of God.

As Christians, we should always see whatever happens to us as the will of God. This is not to say that satanic forces are not at play in some of these things but we should believe that God is always there for us in any situation we may find ourselves. These situations should also not stand against our faith in God’s ability to handle our affairs effectively for His glory. He is always there to use us in any form for his glory and for our salvation. We should not refuse Him to use us in any form. When we live, we live for Him, when we suffer, we suffer for Him and when we die, we die for Him. We should not see any tribulation, calamity or misfortune as a sign of our sin or unworthiness, rather we should see all situations we find ourselves as a situation to enable us grow spiritually, which will ultimately lead us to our heavenly father. Funke is there for me and we will continue our lives together until death do us part – no matter what the situation of life may be for us. May the glory of God continue to shine on us amen.

For all the couples who may be experiencing any negative situation in their lives today, do not be discouraged. God is there for you who knows that your situation is made possible so that it may be a source of spiritual growth for you and spiritual advancement for others whose lives your condition may touch and change positively. Always give praises and thanksgiving to God for any situation you may find yourself.

May God help us to grow in our faith amen.

Finally, I want to thank the members of the Board of Management and Trustees of Ayofunke Ogunrinde Foundation under the able and dynamic leadership of Chief Mrs. Funke Illuyemi with others like Dr. Akinyosoye, Chief J.O. Ayorinde, Rev. Fr. Patrick Omoge who normally come to attend from Igbotako, Rev. Fr. Tai Oludare, Chief Mrs. Febi Adekeye, Prof. Aderobga, Mrs. Akindojutimi – Principal St. Louis, Mr. Gbadamosi, Chief Greg Akinshipe, Miss Bukola Ladenika, our very active secretary who is also the live-wire of the board. Thanks also to High Chief (Mrs.) Adrin Gilbert and Keziah Awosika who will come on board in January, 2008. These members conduct deep comprehensive interviews to identify the real beneficiaries so that fake people do not benefit. I also thank Sister Frances who served the NGO meticulously before her retirement to Ireland. Mr. Taiye Ajayi one of the anchormen for today’s event was the Pioneer Secretary of the Board who did wonderfully well before he left for good. We are grateful to him too. We also thank the members of the Implementation Committee who actually carried out all the recommendations of the Board to the latter. I am grateful to you all and God will reward you accordingly amen.

Before I end this address, I wish to appeal to both the Federal and State Governments to seriously consider the plight of the physically challenged and the needy people in the society and do something positive for them. We can just imagine now that with the oil money, the Federal and State Government budgets are now trillions of naira out of which no specific mention or allocation is meant for these needy and down trodden people. Our leaders must be alive to their responsibilities and do something very urgent to reverse the situation for better. The time is overdue. May God touch their hearts to have listening ears and minds to change, amen.

Thanks and God bless you all.

Annual Report On Ayofunke Ogunrinde Foundation Delivered By Chief Dele Ogunrinde For The Year 2006


Ladies and Gentlemen, we thank God for making it possible for us to get- together once again this end of 2006 to celebrate together with our brothers and sisters some of who are physically challenged, sick, old, deserted, abandoned, widowed, orphans and so on. This is done annually to assure these set of our people that it is not their own making to be in their present position and situation in life and that we should therefore, enkindle hope in them that they are not alone in these positions and situations. That we are with them both physically and spiritually by finding time at this joyous season to celebrate with them by dinning, winning and dancing with them so that they can be happy and feel belonged once in a while. Equally, this is done to remind ourselves that God created us the same way as human beings like them not minding their physical disability etc. We are all children of God and we should always remember this simple fact. We all came from God and we will all return to him not minding who we were, who we have been or what has been our lots while we are here on earth.

We all know the story of Lazarus and the rich man when they died and met beyond. So when we are alive, we should try to remember our brothers and sisters who may need our assistance in one form or the other. When we do this, we will not only be fulfilling God’s injunctions to us but we will also be self fulfilling and glorifying God through these acts of love. God’s love is beyond expression and our act of love to our brethren is so small compared to the love of God to us.

We should always remember that we did not contribute to our creation by being what we are today or by being able to provide for ourselves and our families but it is entirely the will of God that we are what we are. It is on this fact of life and principle that we should give part of what we have to those who do not have at all. It is to be noted and as a matter of fact, if we are kind, loving and generous, we will die and if we are wicked, selfish, greedy, possessive and stingy, we will still die. So, if we have the means – no matter how small or insignificant, why can’t we be generous to our brothers and sisters who are in need?, By so doing, we are unconsciously executing our will – not waiting till when death strikes, when we will not know who inherits our hard earned wealth.

We should start giving or distributing our wealth when we are still alive so that our labour will not be in vain. When a wealthy man dies, his wealth dies on the day he dies. What remains after his death is the positive things he did with his money when he was alive – particularly to those who needed his assistance at the point of their needs. We should always remember this while we are alive so that we can die a fulfilled and happy

person at the point and time of our death. May God allow us to continue to see the light and keep using us for His glory amen.


In the year under review (2006) the following activities were carried out by members of the Board of Trustees in accordance with the laid down policies, objectives, dreams and aspirations of Ayofunke Ogunrinde Foundation.
(a) Monthly allowance – an average of 45No of beneficiaries received regular monthly stipends of between N2,000 – N5,000 monthly for their up keeping.
(b) Medical and Surgery: There was one major surgical operation embarked upon this year at the University of Ife Teaching Hospital – Ile-Ife. It involved one Mrs. Rafatu Sadiku who became paralysed after she allegedly received an injection few years ago and instantly became paralysed. From then on, she has been crawling on her bottom and hands to beg for assistance as she has no means to carry out the recommended surgical corrective measure to improve her life. Life was then miserable for her while she could do nothing to help herself. Her case was brought to the Foundation.

Prompt actions were taken by the members by recommending her for the surgery with approved fund for the surgery. So far, the first part of the operation has cost overN200,000 .00 (Two hundred thousand naira) and the second part with supporting gadgets will still cost so much. However, her condition has now improved as she no longer crawl on her bottom with her hands. With crushes, she can now stand and with the second surgery and gadgets she will be able to walk to the glory of God.


Miss Christiana .Olatunde was born physically challenged. Up to the age of over 9 years, her mother still carried her on her back to school. She could not walk on her own. Miss Olatunde who is not only brilliant but intelligent, beautiful and determined, was assisted with gadgets which enables her to walk with little or no support from anybody. She is now back to her school a happy girl with vision and dream to be a medical doctor in future. We are grateful to Rev. Sr. Frances Mcmanus who helped greatly to see this project through.


During this year, like the past years, we took up the medical expenses of our sick beneficiaries either in minor or major medical cases. We are happy that most of them recovered.

Also, we attended to a positive HIV-Aids patient this year by granting her financial assistance for medical, her personal maintenance, rehabilitation and counseling.


He is a blind man who has a serious medical problem during the year which may involve surgery. We have spent quite some amount both on him and also on his son who acts as his pilot. His case is still an on-going one.


These sets also received monthly stipends and enjoy medical care as regularly as we are aware of their sickness. Members of the Implementary Committee of the Board visit these people from time-to-time to see and ascertain to their health.


Most beneficiaries from the foundation require one form of rehabilitation or the other. The following people were rehabilitated during the current year under review:
(i) Mrs. Mary Unogwu and her four children. Mrs. Unogwu who is not only a widow but became blind few years after she lost her husband with 4 children to cater for. The oldest now being about 11 years old. She was abandoned and despised. She became homeless and penniless as a result of the above. She took to begging for alms but what she was realising could not maintain their existence talkless of sending the children to school. In 2005, we took up her case and since then, we have not only provided accommodation for them but the four children are sent to Private Nursery/Primary School for quality education with the full provision for their educational needs in and out of school session.

In addition to the monthly stipends to the family, we supplement their feeding needs with raw food materials such as rice, garri etc. so as to meet up the feeding of the four children. With God on our side, we hope to see the children education up to the level of their ability and their desire so that not only their mother can be rescued from poverty but also the children. To God be the glory.


With the assistance of Rev. Sr. Frances Mcmanus and through the Foundation a sewing machine was bought for the daughter of Mrs. Rafatu Sadiku – who is an apprentice tailor under Ayofunke Ogunrinde Foundation Scheme to enable her to be making some money to keep herself and her mother up financially. Similar thing like this has been our form of empowerment and rehabilitation to our beneficiaries.


The case of this woman who was delivered of triplet in addition to her two older children she earlier had was recently brought to the Foundation. One of the older two children (boys) is also physically challenged – dumb and partially paralysed. The family is in die need of both financial assistance and rehabilitation. We may not want to go into details of the problems of this family for some reasons. However, when the case was reported to the Foundation, we saw the urgent need to help the woman and her children in particular and family in general. The woman and the children were highly malnourished, resulting in the undergrowth of the triplet. The 9 months old triplet looked like 2 weeks old babies. They lacked good and healthy accommodation. The woman too was almost sucked to death by the children with no good nutrient food to replace the lost vitality in her. The situation was a sorry sight.

However, the Foundation has taken up the case by making urgent efforts to provide good and clean accommodation for them in a healthy environment. We have already made provisions for the family bed and beddings for them awaiting the accommodation to be ready. We have also taken up provision for intensive feeding of both the mother and the children of nutritious food items as recommended by the medical expert for their rapid transformation and growth with good health. We have also made available to them private medical care (for both the mother and the children). We hope this will continue until the children are of reasonable age and the family is further rehabilitated to cope with the situation.

In addition, the jobless father of the triplet has been given a job of his ability to keep his body and soul together.

About the older children, both the physically challenged and the normal child who has also reached school age, we are considering what we can do to help them to have a future considering the present circumstances of their parents. We may also advise the family on their need for a family planning. To God be the glory.


Among those who came and sought for one sort of financial assistance or the other including some of the widows, we have embarked on some kind of empowerment so that they can generate some income on their own. Like the previous years, those who fall under this category during this current year include the following:

Mrs. Kehinde Olatunde – the mother of Miss Christiana Olatunde who is physically deformed. The little financial assistance given to her will enable her to set up a small trading enterprising to sustain herself and her little daughter – rather than receiving stipends. She now goes about and making things happen with the little financial help to her.

We will continue to see to the plight of the widows in various ways particularly in the area of empowerment as we have been doing in the past.

Our present two blind students – Miss Kemi who is a Mass Communication student of the University of Jos and Mr. Kayode Oyebade of the School for the Blind, Oshodi, Lagos are finishing up now (as a matter of fact, they finished this season). We congratulate them for their successful completion of their courses. We also thank God for giving us the opportunity to help them educationally. To God be the glory. Miss Kemi will probably pick up paid employment. We will look into the possibility for her. In the case of Mr. Kayode Oyebade, we may be setting him up (financial empowerment) so that he can practise the trades in which he is very capable – soap making, cane chairs, disinfectant chemicals for home use, tie and dye etc. We appeal to you to patronize him when he eventually sets up his business here in Ondo State.


During the year under review, 2 of our welfare students as we call them, graduated from Dele International College, Ondo after their school certificate course. One made 5 credits while the other made 8 credits. One has just taken up a temporary job while the other is considering seriously of pursuing his education further. We congratulate them and wish them more successes in life. If our finances are improved, we intend sponsoring these students to higher institutions as soon as possible.

Right now, we still have 27 students and pupils at our secondary and primary school with full scholarships granted to all of them and most of them, particularly the orphans are put in the Boarding House for proper care. 4 others are attending Private Primary Schools else where, where we pay for their educational needs. Apart from these, other children of the widows who go to higher institutions are partially being catered for by paying part of their school fees so as to reduce the financial burdens of their single mothers – who have little or no assistance from anybody except God.

Appeals and requests were received during the year under review to donate financially to some very urgent and needy cases – such as for patients in other

hospitals in need of financial assistance either for their surgery or for other medical expenses too much for their families to bear alone. We have responded in our little way and within our limited resources to those requests and appeals. We will continue to do so as it is part of our objectives.


Many applications were received for full scholarships at higher levels within the year as in the previous years from very indigent but brilliant students. We have responded to a little of these requests as we have got so much pressing requests from those serious situations such as the very sick people who must not be delayed on account of financial constraints. However, we still responded to such requests as much as our finances can cope with. We regret that we cannot do much to this category now as before when all our resources were devoted on higher education scholarships between 1974 to 1996 when over 1000 post secondary and secondary school scholarships were awarded to the indigent students across the country. We reduced the scholarship awards to set up this Foundation to cater for other categories of beneficiaries who are in die need of assistance other than education. We will continue with the higher education scholarships which is still part of our objectives – particularly for the most needy of the indigent but brilliant students.


While the demands for our assistance in all areas of operations are increasing daily, due to the increase poverty level in the society, our financial resources restricted us to meet all these demands. However, it is our hope that we will continue to exploit avenues to generate funds to persecute these projects as they come across our way in their various dimensions and forms. We will continue to pray to God of provider to make way for us so as to continue to use us for His glory. We will continue to sacrifice our time, money, energy and our entire life to keep the project going. With God all things are possible.


We want to express our deep appreciation to all our friends and well wishers who have been donating to us and those who make it a duty to donate every year. May God continue to bless you and meet you at the point of your needs amen.
A total sum of N125,000 was realized as donations during the year. Specifically, we thank Mr. Adeyeye for giving us N100,000 as his donation .

No matter how small a donation it will be highly appreciated.


We want to give our special thanks and gratitude to the Almighty God who has always been blessing and supporting us and using us for His glory. May He continue to abide with us all the rest of our life amen. Our deep and sincere appreciation go to all the members of the Trustee and Management Committees who have worked with total commitment and dedication to make the dreams of the Foundation a reality. They have utilized their time, energy and at times their financial resources for the success of the programmes. May God continue to bless you all amen.


A sum of more than four million five hundred thousand naira (N4,500,000.00) was expended this year on the various projects as enumerated earlier and more of this amount was on education and training of the students, the pupils and apprentices. Out of this amount, N740,000.00 was realized from the investment we made for the Foundation and N125,000 was realized from donations from individuals.


We wish to seize this opportunity to appeal to our friends and well wishers including corporate organizations and government to generously donate towards the realization of our various programmes and projects. May God continue to bless all of us in Jesus name amen.

Once more, I want to thank all of you for coming to attend this occasion. May you not regret coming to witness this programme amen.


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